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Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Template

Celebrate the Day with Memorial Day Weekend Flyer

Memorial Day is every last Monday in May. There are so many events and parades held also deals offered to celebrate this federal holiday through Memorial Day weekend flyer.

Memorial Day Weekend Flyer General Benefit

Since it is a public holiday, the general population in the USA including schools, some government office organizations, and many businesses has a day off. Memorial Day becomes an occasion to have fun like doing family gathering, holding a picnic, going on vacation, or shopping.

Well, if you plan to hold any public events or determine to run your business at Memorial Day to steal a chance in increasing profit, try to use Memorial Day weekend flyer as a promotion tool.

Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Basic Content to Promote Deals

Americans see Memorial Day as an opportunity to have fun and pleasure themselves. Offering deals on this holiday for sure will attract so many customers and increase your sales.

Choosing flyers as promotion media is the right decision. Make sure that everyone knows and gets a clear idea about your deals from your Memorial Day weekend flyer.

  1. Shopping deals

Inform the percentage of discount you will give and specify the ready stock product for it. You can add other special offerings, for example, special shopping hours to get more discounts or bonus products. Include the name of your shop, address, phone, and website if available.


  1. Travel service deals

Since people going on a trip while most public transportation and transit system does not run in the regular schedule, offer your business by listing the routes on your service and do not forget to inform the deals you give.

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memorial day weekend flyer template sample

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Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Composition

If you want to hold an event, whether it is a non-profit or profitable event, you can use flyers to spread the information of your event to the target effectively!

  1. Barbeque party

You can hold a barbeque party for your neighbors, coworkers, friends, or even for the people of your town. Do not forget to specify the event place, date and time, contact person, also include the entrance fee if you mean the event for profit or just to gain funds for the operational.


  1. Family gathering

You can also use a flyer to invite your big family to the gathering. Inform the gathering date, time, and place. Explain your planned activity shortly and clearly.


  1. Parade or festival

Hype the Memorial Day celebration with a parade or festival. In your flyer, specify the time and location or route of the parade so people can get ready to join or watch it.

Memorial Day Weekend Flyer Design Ideas

Since the idea of celebrating the Memorial Day is identical to fun things, you need to make your Memorial Day weekend flyer as attractive as possible. Put some of the following ideas to decorate your flyer!

  1. American flag design

Use the color of the flag (red, white, blue) as the basic color of the flyer. You can also include the flag as symbols, vectors, or pictures. Using stars is also a cool idea.


  1. Army

Besides the flag color, applying army colors also identical to the day since it has a purpose to commemorate the army who died in service.


  1. Poppy flower

This red beautiful flower is the symbol of Memorial Day. You can attach them to decorate your flyer.

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