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12 Leather Textures for Limitless Ideas in Warm and Realistic Feels

Same as wood, leather has many functions for human’s necessary. It is useful for apparel, furniture, and the vehicle’s interior especially car seats. On the other hands, the leather textures appear for great designs in a realistic and warm look. Actually, leather warmth in cold temperature and soothe in hot weather. It means this animal skin has a flexible character in any conditions. Definitely, the leather textures in illustrator software or Photoshop also show a flexible utility. It greats for background, apparel advertisements, household goods, and the rest. Just find a lot of images here to perfect your job.

10 + Leather Textures to prepare Future Projects

Well, there will be 10 samples of leather textures complete with the explanation. It consists of:

  1. Black Rough Leather Texture

It is a smooth texture in a bold black color with a rough and wrinkled surface.

  1. Dusty Leather Texture

The dusty-feel texture comes from a Deviant Art Artist

  1. Black Genuine Leather Texture

Well, it is a striking and unique picture with a detailed natural pattern on the surface.

  1. Detailed Leather Texture

It appears in dark brown colors and with a natural honeycomb pattern where it looks embossed.

  1. Antique Leather Texture

This antique texture reminds you of the vintage feel of the old chair design.

  1. Genuine Shammy Leather Texture

Apparently, the leather textures offer several chic colors. You can download it free in light brown or orange color to get a naturally luxurious feel.

  1. Fabric Leather Texture Design

In home design or furniture, this style looks on the couch and headboard. The name is Chesterfield’s button-tufted leather surface where it comes in red and blue.

  1. Beige Leather Texture Design

The beige texture has white embossed line pattern on the surface in light and shiny feel.

  1. Scrap Leather Texture Design

When you use it as your web background, it looks weathered and soft. Definitely, you can use it for any designs easily.

  1. Grunge Leather Texture Design

The last opt of the day use a grunge feel and surface texture. It is also multifunction with simple and minimalist look.

Know what a Synthetic Leather is

There are still many images to run your photoshop such as a black colored leather texture, and seamless leather texture. See also brown color leather texture, black shammy leather texture, leather football texture, and cracked leather texture. Leather includes expensive material because it has high quality and getting the leather is not easy. It is because this material comes from snakes, crocodiles, tiger, cows, and some other animals. Some of them are wild animals so that they risk life.

Hunting animal’s leather can make the animal get extinction so it disturbs the nature’s balance. Due to the reason above, people start to change to synthetic leather or imitation leather. It is a material which resembles real leather but the material does not come from an animal. Exactly, it uses polyesters polymers that experience continuous shrinkage. Up to now, many people are unable to differentiate between real and synthetic leathers. It is because the appearance, color, and the texture are so living.

Choosing synthetic leather for furniture, bag, clothes, and shoes will not be a problem and cheaper. Usually, only current people are able to detect it because of it almost the same. However, you do not meed the synthetic leather textures here. This page only presents the finest thing for the reader.  Now, what wallpaper do you want to apply?


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