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20 Leather Texture High Resolution

Amazing Leather Texture for Web Page, Photoshop, or Wallpaper in 11 Types

Do you like collecting items from leather? If you are truly leather-made thing collector, you must know the types and the beauty. Apparently, the leather texture is not only appealing for the real items. Even though, you can use it for your web page background, Photoshop layer, or just wallpaper. Yeah, it is a good and new idea. It is as leather is still limited in the real items. As the examples are clothes, wallet, bag, shoes, hat, jacket, automotive interior seat, and some furniture ideas. Now, let the leather texture design help your projects.

6 Leather Texture Styles suitable for Background, Wallpaper, and Photoshop

Good leather is not only chic but also classy, strong and durable. This type of material that comes from animals gives the impression of a simple and clean appearance. The red leather texture is the right choice for you because it is unique and multi-functional. This is suitable for graphic design projects, as Photoshop layers, website backgrounds, or just as your wallpaper. Leather comes from various types of animals such as cobra, crocodile, and dragon skin. For the colors also vary such as brown, black, red, and double toned. Usually, this texture makes every element of the design even more impressive.

Roughly, what leather exactly that you can use for your work necessary? Here are 6 textures of leather which you can use:

  1. Red Leather Texture

This red skin texture makes your website very antique and really catches the eye.

  1. 7 Colorful Skin Textures

This texture will keep your background always looking calm and classy. It is as there are different contrasting color textures so you can choose the right one for your design.

  1. 100 Texture Leather Library

The skin is never out of date and remains trendy. This option helps you, as a designer, to decorate your website or application with cool chic backgrounds. In fact, the files available in the PNG format definitely make it more interesting.

  1. Free High-Resolution Light Brown Texture

This trendy choice helps you to be more specific about designing a background. Using a background of brightly colored skin will make your design look classy.

  1. Yellow Leather Texture Fabric

Yellow wallpapers add a classy feel to the skin. Apparently, this is one of the best skins for Photoshop, which is truly attractive and easy to use.

  1. Black Leather Texture

Black is the queen of the fashion world, and nothing can beat black textured wallpaper. The reason is that this texture is suitable for all types of designs or genres, making it universally attractive.

Additional Types of the Leather Texture

Directly, here are 5 other leather types:

  1. High-Resolution Leather Texture

It helps you to choose the right color for your background design. Simple and beautiful impressions make your design look better.

  1. Free Chocolate Skin Background Texture

It is suitable for almost all types of designs. With a simple but classy look, make the whole idea of designing successful.

  1. 5 pack

This is a skin package containing 5 different exclusive colored textures. Its function is to highlight your design as best as possible, classy, slightly more attractive.

  1. Black Texture Background

Typical black colors with HD patterns add depth to your design.

  1. Free Royalty Pictures

It adds a little style to all design ideas because of its strong and rough appearance. However, it makes the background of your website charming and worthy of attention.

Why does this page add 5 leather texture types again? It is because you get big attention and want to see your success. Download them today free and quickly here.

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