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10 Build Attractive Views of Your Favorite Images with Grunge Paper Texture

Do you like grunge paper vector to be in your image? If you do, you can try grunge paper texture. With this texture, there will come unconventional design to the image of your design. This texture can also become a counterpart to the shiny and glossy look. It comes with ugly, nasty, and irregular visual elements. So, for you who need to have unconventional Background or wallpaper, just design your picture using this texture. All kinds of texture are available here. You can download any textures you desire for free. To know all kinds of grunge paper texture, you can follow the explanation below.

Kinds of Great Grunge Paper Texture

Related to the kinds of grunge paper texture, there are ten kinds that you should know. Are you curious about them? Let’s check them out.

  1. Vintage grunge paper textures

The first kind of grunge paper texture is called vintage grunge paper. It is interesting with the old impression due to its orange color.

  1. Free high-resolution grunge paper textures

It is four high-resolution textures to download. It has various unique colors with some writings in it.

  1. Blue grunge paper textures

For you who like a fresh and nicely contrasting color, you can choose this texture. It is dominated by a blue color with white touch in the free pattern.

  1. Stained grunge paper textures

This texture has an orange color on the whole surface. Besides, it offers a luxurious view of color gradation. The orange shows light color at the center and goes darker spreading to the whole surface.

  1. Gold grunge paper textures

This kind of grunge paper texture is suitable for you who like a golden theme for your image. The whole surface of this texture is gold with a charming impression.

  1. Vector grunge paper textures

It will be suitable for you who like a calm color. The texture has a light brown color with lighter on the center and goes darker to the edging.

  1. Subtle grunge paper textures

If you like an artistic pattern, this texture is the right choice for you. It comes with an artistic view and a nice gradation of color.

  1. Watercolor grunge paper textures

If you choose this texture, you can design your image with the natural look of watercolor. It has a pure look of water with a colorful surface. Besides, this texture shows a good color gradation. There are white, blue, and also light green on them. It is so charming to design your loveliest images.

  1. Grunge floral paper textures

This texture is the best choice if you need a theme of the plant as the background of your images. There is some artistic picture of a plant on this texture that is suitable to embellish your images.

  1. Grunge old paper textures

If you are looking for the luxurious theme for your image background, you can try this texture. It offers an old paper look with a good gradation of color. The color combination of yellow and red add the strong character of the old paper. You can create a good image with this texture that gives classic and luxurious nuance.

With its different beauty in each, the kinds of grunge paper texture above are the right solution to design your pictures. So, feel free to choose them here based on your taste.


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