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ice cream

Ice Cream Wallpaper on PC to sweeten your Days

Ice cream is not only food for children but it has been influencing the young adults and matures. This food has a lot of fans because of its taste and appearance. Now, make your PC appearance sweet with the ice cream wallpaper. Do not forget to get the tantalizing images on The choices of the wallpaper are very various with the best image quality. On the other hands, there are more attractive things coming from Pitsel. This platform provides free download for your ice cream wallpaper. Well, that is perfect so much and you must visit it.

Download Ice Cream Wallpaper on

How to download the ice cream wallpaper for desktop and PC? It does not need a long time to transfer these ice creams to your PC. Do not be surprised when you know that you only need some steps to download freely. So, what you should do now? Just apply 5 instructions from Pitsel such as below:

  1. The first step is to open your internet, PC, and
  2. Click Background
  3. Find your picture or type ice cream wallpaper on the search box
  4. Determine the image and click on it
  5. Click the DOWNLOAD button and wait for the downloading process finishes. Install it!

Pros and Cons of an Ice Cream

Eating ice cream often makes the women feel worried about bad effect. At least, they worry to get fat if they consume it carelessly. Indeed, this cold and sweet food has advantages and disadvantages for human. By the way, these are 7 benefits by consuming ice cream:

  1. Rich in Calcium

Ice cream uses milk ingredients that are rich in calcium and nutrients. These substances can strengthen bones and increase the body’s energy.

  1. Protect and strengthen teeth and gums

These foods contain calcium which can protect teeth and strengthen gums.

  1. Reducing inflammation

Chocolate ice cream contains flavonoids which reduce inflammation of the heart arteries. Precisely, dark chocolate has flavonoids that protect the heart arteries from fatigue

  1. Rich in Vitamins

Ice cream contains vitamins A, D, K and B12.

  1. Lose weight

Many people think that eating ice cream makes a fat body. In fact, this meal helps to lose weight because something cold will increase body temperature and burn calories and fat.

  1. Contains Protein

A spoonful of ice cream provides a sufficient amount of protein to build and repair muscle tissue.

  1. Low fat

The ice cream from low-fat ingredients such as skim milk has more health benefits such as not making fat.

Next, here are 4 bad effects from consuming too much ice cream:

  • Cause cardiovascular disease

The fat content in ice cream can cause cardiovascular disease. This can happen when you consume too much fat in ice cream

  • Heart attack and stroke

Ice cream contains saturated fat which can lead to heart attacks and strokes if you consume it excessively.

  • Increases the risk of heart disease and cholesterol levels

One portion of ice cream generally contains 25 mg of cholesterol while USDA recommends consuming cholesterol less than 1000 mg.

  • Gain weight

Do not be confused when you get two opinions at the same time about ice cream.

Ice cream contains pure sugar without any other nutrients than calories. Sugar can significantly gain weight when excessive consumption.

Well, those are some information about the ice cream wallpaper and other facts. Do not be afraid to eat it every day. This food keeps saving for your health as long as you consume it normally.