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Fireworks Wallpaper for PC changes your Days between Festive and Mysterious

Do you include people who lit up fireworks at new year eve? Yeah, that so cool and fun. Unluckily, that even if only one a year and need 12 months to do it again. Just use the fireworks wallpaper on your PC if you want to feel the festive atmosphere every day.  Nowadays, feel it anytime if free as long as you download it through Pitsel. It comes as the best platform for free graphic, vector, photos, background, and so on in 2019. The service to give free fireworks wallpaper background is very excellent.

Download Fireworks Wallpaper in Pitsel

Is it true that Pitsel is the best platform to download the fireworks wallpaper for PC screen? Do not doubt it because many people have proved it and they feel satisfied. They are able to download the image that they want only in some short steps such as below:

  • Start from
  • Then, they type the keyword fireworks wallpaper or other themes on the searching box.
  • After that, there is a new window with some pictures based on your category. Here, they must choose with clicking the picture that they aim.
  • Next, they get the same picture in a larger size. They scroll down the mouse to find a DOWNLOAD button.
  • Finally, they click it to start downloading and install the wallpaper to PC.

So, what firework background do you see here? Pitsel provides dark firework flame dark wallpaper. Here, a man with a jacket and hoodie is holding a firework. Actually, it seems mysterious because the man’s face hides behind the dark. Meanwhile, the firework itself emitters pink light in the dark with smoke around it. Although it looks full of secret, everyone who installs it makes the PC cooler. Besides that, it always invites curiosity and wants to solve it.

Knowing some Fireworks  Types

Fireworks have a variety of colors and types, which produce a beautiful spark of light. Apparently, the colors come from chemicals such as sodium. These chemicals can produce yellow, barium for green, copper for blue, strontium and lithium for red. On the other hands, fireworks also come with some types:

  1. Sparkles fireworks

It could be, this is the safest and smallest fireworks. Sprinkle the flame small with a kind of wire or iron as a handle. Children may play but must be accompanied by parents.

  1. Fireworks Repeaters

This type of fireworks is very common and always exists during new year’s eve events. These fireworks appear in the form of small paper tubes. Even though it is only in one box but it can burst repeatedly. You only need one axis to light up and enjoy the lively light.

  1. Pinwheels or Catherine wheel

Many people say this Bhawan is one of the most beautiful fireworks. This flower is usually shaped like a stick or stick and can stick on the ground before it is turned on. Then there will be an eruption into the air with a beautiful explosion like a windmill or sparks.

  1. Roman Candles

It includes traditional fireworks in the form of tubes or long sticks. The eruption can be around 10-20 times when in one flame.

  1. Dandelion Firework

Dandelion fireworks usually appear in fireworks with quite large and beautiful bursting power. You too can enjoy it from a distance.

Okay, those are some information about the fireworks wallpaper and the types. Thanks for reading and surprise your PC with its festive lights.