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daisy flower

Daisy Wallpaper for PC:  Beautiful fragrance!

Daisy is a beautiful flower which is appropriate to be a wallpaper. Your PC will be prettier after installing the daisy wallpaper. However, you must take or download it on The answer is simple because it is a credible platform for free background, graphic, photo, vector, and others. Although the service of the downloading process is free, the quality of the daisy wallpaper background keeps number one. It implies this platform always gives the best for everyone will all the heart. Thus, there is no reason to leave Pitsel behind and skip the pictures.

Download Daisy Wallpaper on

Get a special feature from Pitsel when you download the daisy wallpaper. This credible platform always serves the customers seriously. It means all pictures both in daisy flower themes or others always have high quality. So, people never feel disappointed when they download the wallpaper. Roughly, what special feature giving by Pitsel? It is a fast process that only needs 5 steps:

  • Open
  • Type daisy wallpaper on the search box
  • See the image and next click that appeal your heart
  • Click Download button after scrolling down your mouse
  • Install the image on PC

Know Deeper Daisy Flower

Aster flowers enter the family of Compositae or Asteraceae daisies in flowering plants. This flower is a native flora of northern and central Europe. It symbolizes innocence, purity, and a new beginning. Daisy flowers consist of white petals and the middle part is yellow but sometimes pink or rose. Actually, daisies consist of two types of flowers, namely florets and white ray florets like petals. Daisies arrange flowers in the middle and on the periphery while still giving the impression of a single flower. Apparently, this arrangement is known as the capitulum.

Daisy plants have 3 – 4-inch flowers that are smooth and leafless. Meanwhile, the texture of the daisy leaves is quite varied. Some are smooth, hairy, or narrow at the base and slightly curved. In addition, Daisy flower stalks are generally longer than leaves. On the other hand, there are still some interesting facts about Daisies like the following:

  1. A Daisy is a perennial plant with leaves that are always green to form basal tufts or rosettes.
  2. Daisy plants have a habit of growing spread or prostration mode.
  3. The breeding of the daisy plant can be divided in spring. In addition, it can be done by sowing seeds in the spring or late fall.
  4. In the northwestern United States, Daisy is the English word weed.
  5. Daisy’s flowers get many small insects when they open at dawn.
  6. Children often use this flower to make a chain of daisies.
  7. Apparently, Daisy leaves are safe to eat and often become one of the ingredients of salads.

Those are 7 supporting facts for people use it as their PC background. It is a beautiful and friendly flower for everyone. You can eat and use it to decor your home spaces. Installing daisy wallpaper on PC is the right step. Here, you not only see the amazing flower view but also you such as smell the fragrant. Great!