You Never Know What You Don’t Know

I am excited to announce that my book, “You Never Know What You Don’t Know – The Unwritten Rules of Business from A to Z” has now gone through all the publishing steps (except for the last one, which is sales!) and is ready for purchase.

What started out as a presentation at a conference 10 years ago has finally been transformed into a book.

And what is it about you may well ask?

“Common sense isn’t automatic – it has to be learned.  You Never Know What you Don’t Know is a rare primer, designed to provide proven techniques that help young professionals discover and refine the art of getting along with their bosses, co-workers, and business colleagues.  Each of the 26 chapters corresponds to a letter of the alphabet and each imparts time-tested wisdom that makes the navigating office politics and skillful handling of work relationships accessible to all involved.


Both managers and front-line workers will appreciate the easy-to-read format – following the narrative examples of problematic scenarios.  To Think About sections provide insight to enlighten readers on the core issues inherent in common problem areas.  Each chapter concludes with a To Do segment that outlines appropriate strategies to nip problems in the bud.  Rather than reading the book sequentially it’s easy for readers to pick and choose topics relevant top them at any given time.


You Never Know What You Don’t Know is sure to smooth operations in any office and improve success at all levels.  It’s just common sense.

This book is essential reading for any Millennial, whether a newly appointed Manager or a front line worker.  It is a perfect addition to all “On Boarding” programs so that new hires can understand all the unwritten – but critically important – rules that operate in every workplace.

Just follow this link: which will take you to Friesen Press where you can order your copy today.


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