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Dr. Pat Pitsel, coaching expert for Pitsel and Associates Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta, CanadaWhy do I Coach?

  1. Because I was raised to believe that we all have an obligation to give back something to our society for the gifts we have been given. During the course of a more than 40 years in business, I believe I have learned things that will be helpful for others to know also.
  2. Because I believe that none of us are as good as we could be.
  3. Because I think we have too many smart people and not enough wise people – and wisdom comes with age.
  4. Because I believe that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.
  5. Because professional athletes, who are the best in the world at their sport, have coaches throughout their career to support, challenge and give unbiased feedback.
  6. Because I believe that within each of us is a need to grow.
  7. Because I know that each of us needs a person who believes in us totally yet can still give us the straight goods about what we can to do to improve.
  8. Because there is no greater satisfaction in life than helping someone to become better.
  9. Because I do not want to die with my song unsung.