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Study Checklist Template

Take Advantages of Using Our Study Checklist

If you want to focus on your study, you can specifically take advantage of the study checklist. It is created with a purpose to make your study more efficient and effective. Moreover, this checklist is a great tool you can hold on your hands to make your educational transactions and processes easier. Hence, it can be a great reference to use to improve your study management.

Sample Daily Self Study Checklist Template

What’s more?

In relation to providing the students with the handy checklist, we come with a big number of checklists designed for students. Make sure you can find the most suitable types of checklist to focus your study more along with the best priority.

Types of Study Checklist

To meet all your needs about the checklist, we are now providing you with many kinds of study checklist you can choose based on what to focus on.

Simple Study Checklist For Student

A simple study checklist for a student is created to provide the students with the list of study items, due date, and checkboxes to leave a mark every time they finished with their study items. The simplicity of the checklist form enables the students to understand the checklist contents and use the checklist to manage their study better.

Sample Feasibility Study Checklist Template

Now this checklist can be downloaded in Google Docs, MS Word and Pages file format.

Feasibility Study Checklist Template

The feasibility study checklist template comes with a formal look. It includes all the items needed for study evaluation. Thus, the checklist is full of described items to make you understand what to do to the evaluation of your study.

If you want to evaluate your study to measure how well you achieve the study goals, you can certainly download this file in PDF file format.

Home Study Checklist Template

The home study checklist template involves what to learn at home dealing with the family’s document that someone has at home. The home study checklist template is more well-known as a home study document checklist gathering information about family’s certificate, passport, disciplinary statement, medical reports and etc. In short, this checklist will help you study your home as a whole family.

Sample Market Study Checklist Template

Available in PDF file format, you need only 24KB size to download.

Daily Self Study Checklist Template

A daily self-study checklist template is more appropriate for teachers or school leaders. It is because the contents added to the checklist includes all the things about school as a big institution that the professional need to check.

Sample Research Study Checklist Template

There are some sections situated after the suggestive heading and a bit description. The sections include school and community summary, standards for accreditation, major areas of strength and needs, two-year and five-year plan, documents to upload in the portal and coordination with the chairman. Each of the sections has a list of items along with the checkboxes to leave a mark.

Now you can have this document by downloading it in PDF file format.

Case Study Checklist Template

Another checklist dealing with the study checklist is the case study checklist template which is created to study the case. It is due to the fact that a school may be experiencing one or more cases either in the teaching-learning process, administration, student-teacher interaction or documentation and more.

Thus, to identify whether or not a school is potentials to have a case, you can use this case study checklist template that you can download in PDF file format.

Sample Study Abroad Checklist TemplateSample Case Study Checklist Template

Find more study checklist types in the following part.

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