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Lease Agreement Templates

Lease Agreement Templates: Make the Form Readable

Are you looking for the lease agreement templates? Yea, you will need this template when you rent out your building or apartment. Thus, you will make this document to write an agreement to identify the relationship between the tenant and the owner. For the normal printable lease agreement templates, it will cover the rules and regulations to get the property. Well, this information below will show you some main template models that you can try to use.

Basic Lease Agreement in PDF

12 Models of the Lease Agreement Templates

This lease agreement offers 12 main models that are commonly used by many people in their company. What are the models? Here they are.

  1. The agreement template of a lease agreement

It is available in PDF form. This template covers rental unit, term, and rent.

  1. The agreement template of lease example

This second model covers the preamble and the parties’ representation.

  1. The agreement template of lease format

In this template, you will find the elements of term and parties, property rented, common areas, rent, deposits, and security deposits.

  1. The agreement template of lease

What about this model of sample lease agreement templates? It includes a lease, period, rental, warranties, title, identification, and equipment’s ownership.

  1. The agreement template of the basic lease

It also provides in PDF form. It contains rent, the term of lease and termination, landlord obligations, tenant obligations, and violation.

  1. The agreement template of free commercial lease

This kind of template tells the business information, business financial information, bank details, and list current creditors.

  1. The agreement template of free lease

In this agreement template, you will see the components of the owner, tenant, term and condition, and security deposit.

  1. The agreement template of sample lease

This lease agreement templates sample tells the deposits, security damage deposit, delinquent or returned checks, and inspection.

  1. The agreement template of sample lease in PDF

It contains some main elements like prologue and statement of purpose, description of leased premises, lease term, and lease fee.

  1. The agreement template of residential lease

How about this template model? It covers the property and the term.

  1. The agreement template of employee lease

This kind of template shows the recitals, agreement, lease, and direction and control of leased employees.

  1. The agreement template of residential property lease

This last example contains the background, initial term, and description of the parties and premises.


6 Easy Steps to Write a Lease Agreement

When you want to write this lease agreement, you have to follow the steps below. Here are the steps.

  1. Make headings

You should provide legal terms like term, rent, deposit, or property at the beginning of the agreement.

  1. Describe the property

You have to include the name of the property that is completed with the full address.

  1. State the parties

It is also important to include the details of the owner and the tenant.

  1. Describe the timeline

In this case, you should mention the specific date during the agreement will be effective.

  1. Tell the payment amount

Please mention the rent payment amount and the method of the payment.

  1. Space for signature

Don’t forget to provide available space for the owner’s and tenant’s signature!

Commercial Lease Agreement FormatEmployee Lease Agreement TemplateLease Agreement ExampleLease Agreement FormatLease Agreement TemplateResidential Lease Agreement TemplateResidential Property Lease Agreement ExampleSample Lease Agreement ExampleSample Lease Agreement in PDF

Well, it is a good resource of the lease agreement templates printable. Please make it by following the steps above!




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