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Land Lease Agreement Template

Land Lease Agreement Template: Know More about the Various Types


Welcome to the land lease agreement template! What can you say about this agreement template? Actually, it is like a document that tells the legal rent of usage rights. Besides, it also tells the real estate property for a certain period based on terms and conditions at a leasing price. Well, in this following information, you will find some main types of the printable land lease agreement template. Let’s check them out!

Agricultural Land Lease Agreement Template

7 Samples of Land Lease Agreement Template

The agreement template of the land lease provides 7 samples. You can use one of the templates that you want. So, here are the samples.

  1. The agreement template of residential land lease

This kind of agreement template contains the basic information. It includes the date of the agreement, commencement date, landowner, and property manager.

  1. The agreement template of land lease for parking

This template tells the lease details like landlord, tenant, premises, building size, security deposit, rent, service charge, facility and utilization charges.

  1. The agreement template of ground land rental lease

What about this sample land lease agreement template? It tells the recitals and the demise.

  1. The agreement template of commercial land lease

It covers the date, landlord, tenant, address of the building, legal description of the building, number of leased buildings, term, and rental.

  1. The agreement template of farmland lease

This agreement tells the cash lease of farmland, buildings, and equipment. It includes the landlord, tenant, date, and address.

  1. The agreement template of land lease for hunting

In this land lease agreement template sample, you will find some elements. They are payment, compliance with the law, posting, lessor’s use of its premise, state, and country.

  1. The agreement template of industrial land lease

How about this one? It covers premises, building and project, permitted use, term, base rent, monthly operating expenses, security deposit, and tenants proportionate.


4 Ways to Use the Agreement Template of Land Lease

If you have a desire to use this kind of agreement template, you are suggested to follow these ways. Here are the ways.

  1. Download the template

The first way that you have to do is downloading this agreement template by connecting to the internet. In this case, you are allowed to download all the available samples. Then, they are provided in PDF form and also Word from.

  1. Edit the template

After downloading those templates, you are allowed to edit them in the processor of Word. It is done to make your contracts. Thus, they can be your main references.

  1. Show the details

What does it mean? Yea, it means that you have to show the details of the nitty-gritty. By doing it, it will help you to plan for the leasing venture. It is of course that it is based on your mind.

  1. Check the clauses

The last way is checking the clauses. You should convince it that it is used to decide whether you are in charge of getting the land as a tenant.

Commercial Land Lease Agreement TemplateGround Land Rental Lease Agreement TemplateIndustrial Land Lease Agreement TemplateLand Lease Agreement Template For HuntingLand Lease Agreement Template For ParkingResidential Land Lease Agreement Template

Considering that there are many kinds of land lease agreement template printable, you can choose one of the kinds that you need. Don’t forget to follow the ways when using this template!





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