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28+ Paper Texture High Resolution

28 Pretty Paper Texture Ideas with Unique and Beautiful  Looks

Running as the graphic designer has a heavy demand. You not only must have high creativity but also be careful in choosing a paper texture. The best and pretty paper texture will determine the quality of your design.  Occasionally, it gives a subtle classy taste. By the way, what do you about the texture of the paper?  Get all that you need here and free. You may get the paper texture background which is capable of providing extraordinary effects of wealth. So that you and your customers will see results satisfaction for the entire design.


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5 Types of Pretty Paper Texture

In fact, there is numerous texture of the paper background in the world. Perhaps, you never know it before especially you are the beginner in the graphic design profession. So, update your knowledge about the types of pretty paper texture below:

  1. 12 Paper Texture

Basically, a sample of 12 paper textures is quite simple with white.

  1. Metal Paper Texture

The hallmark of this paper is a shiny background with sparkling golden yellow.

  1. Antique Paper Texture

If you want to know, this antique paper texture sample comes from a very old textbook.

  1. Metal Paper Texture looks like a Tin Foil

Well, it is the second metal paper texture where it looks more like tinfoil.

  1. Old Antique Grunge Paper Texture

The designer designed this old vintage grunge paper texture on old paper with a young yellowish tinge. There are two characteristics that make the appearance of paper texture quite unique. You can see it from spots and marks on paper that help make it look real.


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Other 8 Types of the Paper Textures

Actually, you can get more than pretty paper textures above. Here are 8 other types:

  1. Corrugated paper texture

Paper wrinkles use a lot of simple brown paper in a grocery store.

  1. Antique Paper Texture Package

It consists of 9 different paper packages with a total package size of 2422 x 3748 to 2630 x 3966 PX.

  1. 8 Old Paper Texture

As the name implies, It consists of 8 different textures. All textures have an ancient and antique look borrowed from the pages of old textbooks. This sample, available in PNG format, has an old-fashioned and antique look like the old textbook page.

  1. Rough Paper Rough Texture

This sample involves old art paper that is uneven and has a brownish mist near the corner of the page.

  1. The texture of Wrinkled Paper

This paper texture sample has 9 types of paper textures complete with PSD files and transparent backgrounds. The papers came from old school books, brown paper bags, and simple white paper.

  1. Old Paper Texture

Paper has the appearance of a dark brown tangle that seems to have lost some color in the middle.

  1. Paper Texture

This paper texture is rather rough and rough with the color of bright peach. This paper is unique with uneven surface textures.

  1. Circular Paper Texture Design

This design paper design consists of black paper where a circular circle is engraved in one corner. Apparently, the texture of the paper resembles sand on the sea coast.

The point is the paper texture helps you provide a unique and beautiful design. They are practical and free for your better design solutions. Choose one of the many paper textures above to make a gloomy or retro look on your website.

Totally, there are 13 amazing types of pretty sample texture. You can also download it free on the platform of Good luck!


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