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Employee Agreement

Employee Agreement: Best Tips to Follow in Making this Template


Do you need a template that can define the professional and legal practices of work? If so, you can make use of employee agreement. This template can explain work practices between the employer and employee. Thus, both sides will have a clear agreement through this printable employee agreement. If you employ so many people, you will need lots of agreement as well. So, you can download this well-ordered template and make some copies of it to be used whenever you want.


5 Tips to Write Employee Agreement

Everyone who wants to write this agreement, they should consider some steps. When you need to write it too, here are the tips for you.

  1. Make a title

On the page of the agreement, you need to make a clear title. Just do it along with the company details. It is important to be put on the first page so that anyone who reads it will understand what the content is like.

  1. Enter the employee details

To enter the employee detail is the second step you should do. Before doing it, you need to have a rough outline to include in your agreement. When it is done well, you can, then, start to enter every detail of your employee carefully.

  1. List the important terms

In the employee agreement printable, there are some particular terms to list. They are related to job assignment, contract duration, wages, a period of the probationary, workplace, and some other matters.

  1. Give space for signature

As a signature will show that the agreement is legal, you need to give a space for it. It is for your employees to put their signature on it. Around the space, you can write the employee’s name and date as well.

  1. Save and print it out

When you have done the four steps above, it means that your agreement is ready to print. Before printing it out, don’t forget to save it first. Whenever you want to make use of it again, you can just open it. For use, you can directly print it out and you will easily have an agreement for your employee now.


File Formats of Sample Employee Agreement

This template is available in three formats. You can download it in a certain format you want.

  1. Google docs

First, this template can be opened in Google docs format. For you who have the app to open any templates in this format, you can download it and customize it as you desire.

  1. Ms. Word

If you are familiar with Ms. Word, it can be good news for you since this template is available in this format. So, you can just download the template and customize it on the computer with Ms. Word app.

  1. Apple pages

For you who prefer to use Apple pages to customize this template, you can also do it. This template is available in this format.


Well, that is all about the employee agreement sample you need to know. Any time you need it, just visit this page and download the preferable template with a format you desire.

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