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Donation Agreement Templates

Donation Agreement Templates: Learn 8 Kinds of This Template

When you give any donation to other people, it means that you do an action without any consideration in return. If you need an agreement of the donation you will give, you can make use of the donation agreement templates. You can use the printable donation agreement templates when you need to make documents of every donation agreement you make. So, recognize some kinds of this template below and choose one that may fit your needs.

8 Samples of Donation Agreement Templates

This kind of agreement templates offers 8 samples that you can use when you need it. Do you want to know them? If you do, please follow these samples carefully!

  1. The agreement template of a real estate donation

This agreement template includes the agreement to convey. It covers all buildings and improvements, the rights, all equipment, and others.

  1. The agreement template of charitable

In this kind of sample donation agreement templates, you will find a background first. Then, there are also additional background and gifts, contributions, and donations.

  1. The agreement template of monthly donation

It tells a monthly credit card donation. There will be the donor information, donation information, and credit card information.

  1. The template of land agreement

This land donation agreement shows the recitals that cover the donation of property and the title.

  1. The agreement template of cash donation

What about this kind of donation template? For the first part, it tells the terms and conditions. Then, you will see the elements of parties, execution, and relationship of the parties.

  1. The agreement template of financial donation

This kind of donation agreement templates will provide two main elements. They are the introductory and the scheme of responsibilities of contracting parties.

  1. The agreement template of food

In this kind of agreement, you will find four important components that should be available in this template. What are they? Yea, they are the donation free distribution, inspection, release, and warrant disclaimer.

  1. The agreement template of equipment donation

How about this last sample? It covers the equipment, no payment, use of equipment, transportation of equipment, warranties, and the entire agreement.

Essential Elements of This Template

This agreement template has 3 essential elements you need to know. Here they are.

  1. Delivery

This element includes some documents that are authenticated under the law to transfer any property you have.

  1. The Intent

The intent belongs to the reason for the donor. This element is so important to exist in this template. It will give a clearer explanation of why the donor makes a donation.

  1. Acceptances of the donee

These matters are related to the property and its rights and obligations. It can be proof that all of your property has been received by someone you want to give a donation.

Well, that is all about 8 kinds of the donation agreement templates PRINTABLE and its essential elements you can learn. Whenever you need a certain kind of this template, just browse and explore this page. You will find some choices here. Then, you can download one that you think will fit your needs. Have a nice try!

Food AgreementMonthly DonationReal Estate Donation AgreementCash DonationCharitable AgreementFinancial Donation




File Description File size Downloads
Food-Agreement.pdf 63 KB 12
Land-Agreement.pdf 704 KB 8
Monthly-Donation.pdf 62 KB 8
Real-Estate-Donation-Agreement.pdf 64 KB 9
Cash-Donation.pdf 15 KB 20
Charitable-Agreement.pdf 14 KB 12
Equipment-Donation.pdf 19 KB 14
Financial-Donation.pdf 429 KB 9
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