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Bring Your Computer Using Elegant Wood Wallpaper

Welcome to the wood wallpaper! In this information, you will recognize a wallpaper of wood that can be used as a background on your computer or desktop. Even though this kind of wallpaper looks so simple, it is still elegant to see. Well, here, you will find some kinds of dark wood wallpaper. It is of course that this wallpaper is suitable just for the lovers of the wood. Not many people like this kind of wallpaper. Why can it be like that? The reason is that because of the simplicity of this wallpaper, but it still looks beautiful and nice.

Five Names of Wood Wallpaper

In relation to the wood wallpaper, you need to know that there will be five names or kinds. Do you want to know them? Let’s check them out in detail!

  1. Dark brown wood with horizontal lines

The first kind of wood wallpaper is named dark brown wood with horizontal lines. How does it look like? This kind of wallpaper has a dark brown color for the wood. Besides, there is a little variation that is the horizontal lines. Then, the space of these lines is not wide enough. How about the surface of this wallpaper? Yea, it is not smooth or it can be said as rough surface.

  1. Light brown wood with landscape lines

Then, the second image of this wallpaper is light brown wood with landscape lines. According to the name, it has a light brown color for the wood. And for the lines, it is the opposite of the first wallpaper’s kind. This wallpaper has some landscape lines. In addition, there are two light brown ropes that are on the right and left side of the wallpaper.

  1. Black flower painting

The next kind of this wallpaper is called black flower painting. The base of this picture is still made of wood and has a light brown color. Then, in order to make it look more beautiful, this kind of wallpaper adds some flower paintings. These beautiful paintings are in black color. Actually, it is not only the paintings of the flowers but also the other painting forms that look so unique. Thus, this kind of wallpaper is really amazing to use and set on your computer.

  1. Irregular form

The irregular form is included in the fourth kind of wood wallpaper. Do you know the reason why it is called an irregular form? Yea, that is right. As you know that this wallpaper has the irregular or free for the form. It is proved that there are so many blocks of wood decorate this kind of wallpaper. Then, for the shape, it has a rectangle one. The position of these blocks is in horizontal and landscape. Remember that there are no spaces between the block one and the other blocks.

  1. Flower and various lines

The last kind of wallpaper is named flower and various lines. It means that on the right and left side of this wallpaper, there are flower paintings and some various lines. And in the middle of the wallpaper, it is free. It shows that there is no picture or other things.

Well, those are five kinds of wood wallpaper that you can know. Choose one of them and apply it on your computer!